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SASMO 2023

SASMO 2023

VANDA Science 2023

VANDA Science 2023


SINGA MATH Competition 2023





DRCT 2023

DRCT 2023

Benefits Of Olympiads

Future Talent Pool

There are various exams conducted on various subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge and Computers that help students to solve complex problems in no time.

Provides a Big Platform

Olyampiad provides a big platform even primary level students can showcase their talant at State, National & International levels.

Build Confidence in Student

Olympiad motivate student to aspire and strive for better & emerge out to be the best. A student holding a rank in an Olympiad develops a sence of confidence.

Improvement in class results

Olympiad exam helps in improving student routine class result. Olympiads improve their conceptual understanding and enables students to grasp tricky concepts.

Gain additional knowledge

Students tackle a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms. Students gain additional knowledge and get an early exposure to competition and learning. They learn to confidently write answers.

Improves reasoning ability

Olympiads not only improve the logical thinking and help in brainstorming but also enhance the analytical and reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and confidence.



The main objective of Olympiad India Ltd, is to motivate the students to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as to enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, logical, analytical & problem solving skills. This helps the students to realize their true intellectual potential.


The Olympiad India International Olympiads are based on IQ (Intelligence) and also covers EQ (Emotional), SQ (Spiritual), CQ (Creativity), AQ (Adversity), FQ (Financial) and HQ (Happiness). We believe in overall development of students and henceforth serve them with perfectly crafted Olympiads



The Goal of our organisation is to help fulfil academic goals of the students by instilling life skills & scholastic skills in them so that they excel at every level in their life. Every child is talented, Olympiad India helps them realize their true intellectual potential through the National/ International Level Olympiads.